INTERVIEW // December Employee of the Month: James from The Yost Theater

December ‘s employee of the month is James, VIP Host and Bottle Service manager at The Yost Theater. Happy Holidays, everyone!


t♥a: How did you get into the nightlife industry?

J: I walked up to Dave Leon (Co-owner of The Yost Theater and VLVT Lounge) one night at a club and told him that I was ready to work and willing to do anything. After a string of low paying and mildly humiliating jobs, which included but were not limited to spinning a sign outside of a Western Dental and dressing up as a giant tooth for a children’s event, I started working at The Yost. I started off as an inventory taker and did as much heavy lifting as I possibly could. After a few moves and shakes with our staff, I found myself as the VIP host and Bottle Service Manager.

t♥a: What exactly does your role at The Yost entail?

J: During events I check in all of our guests with reservations for Bottle Service, work with our waitresses and promoters to fill any open tables we may have, make sure our VIPs are very well taken care of and mingle with the crowd. I want to make people feel welcome, and like they have a friend at The Yost even if they came alone. It’s great to be able to be able to add my own personal touch to our guests experience, and I try to be on a first and last name basis with as many people as I can.


James and Bottle Server Tracy

t♥a: Do you have a daytime job as well?

J: My position requires that I answer phone calls 24/7 for bottle service, no matter what time the call comes in. Depending on the popularity of a show, I can easily spend my entire day on the telephone. This is the time when I explain what our venue has to offer, answer any questions and most importantly sell tables. We also send out over 400 birthday invitations a month for our Facebook friends offering complimentary entry and champagne, all of whom call me to confirm their reservations. I also have clerical duties, like managing our Venuedriver account, handling promoter payouts and scheduling and hiring bottle service waitresses.

t♥a: What are your favorite types of nights at The Yost?

J: I love huge headliner DJ nights that bring out everyone I know. My favorite part of the scene has always been the people, so if we bring in an artist that 1200 people are stoked to see, I’m stoked too. Even though the prep work can be overwhelming, and there are times when 8 people are all trying to talk to me at the same time, I look around at all my friends and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.


“I wouldn’t ask anyone on my team to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself….including wearing that outfit.”

t♥a: What is your favorite part of your job?

J:  I love dancing so the fact that I can start busting a move at any time and it is appropriate for the situation is a definite plus. I also find intoxicated women to be hilarious, and we have plenty of those. My favorite part, however, is everyone constantly complimenting my mustache.

t♥a: Least favorite?

J: Dealing with the people who, after consuming their alcohol, make bonehead decisions like running out on their tab or who stay and fight because they don’t want to pay their bill. I let people know exactly what their bill will be before they are sat, so its frustrating that the very product I am selling encourages these behaviors. Thankfully I have a lot of personal experience dealing drunken shenanigans so I haven’t come across anything I couldn’t handle so far.


t♥a: What’s your drink of choice?

J: I love Jagermeister. Jager and Root, Jager Bombs, straight up… it doesn’t matter. If I am actually holding onto a drink for longer than it takes to pound it, its probably a vodka Redbull.

t♥a: What do you do for fun outside of wrangling drunks and protecting/assaulting egos?

J: I write songs and rap, and I play a lot of video games. I’m a super nerd, have an ever expanding collection of comic books and action figures, and could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. None of those things are very social, but my job fulfills a lot of my social needs.

Thanks, James! ♥ tracey

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INTERVIEW // October Employee of the Month: Jeanette from Proof Bar

October’s employee of the month Jeanette is a hard-working gal: drink-slinger at Proof Bar, DJ (as Polyester), booker/promoter/hostess, and then some. Polyester and partner-in-crime, DJ Master Droog throw The Project Wednesdays, a weekly night devoted to psych, garage, rock ‘n’ roll, punk, and indie in the form of live bands and all-vinyl DJs. Master Droog contributes his slick graphic design prowess to the venture and Polyester books bands & DJs and (wo)mans the mic, introducing acts and keeping things moving along. With an emphasis on whiskey-swilling (a shot of Jameson is the usual drink special) and the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen projected onto the walls, it’s always a lively time.

Join the debauchery tonight, Wed. 10/31 (HALLOWEEN!) for live music from Orangutron, The Moan & more and vinyl selections from Polyester, Master Droog, and yours truly, as DJ Tasty. I’ll also be joining them November 14th for the 2nd night of Electro City‘s residency along with one of my favorite local bands The Meka Leka Hi’s!

Check out my interview with Jeanette and the flyers below and hope to see you at The Project!  Proof Bar, 215 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Project Halloween

The Project presents Halloween Madhouse Vo2:
+ Orangutron (Santa Ana) – Midnight
+ Wyatt Blair and Friends (LA) – 11pm
+ The Moan (Santa Ana) – 10:15pm
+ Sean Hopkins Acoustic Solo Act (of Bayside Rollers) – 9:45pm
+ DJs Polyester, Master Droog, & Tasty spinning all wax all night!
21+, No Cover, $5 Jameson till midnight!

Electro Residency

t♥a: What are your favorite bars and venues in Santa Ana, Long Beach and beyond?

J: I absolutely love The Prospector in Long Beach! I have had many opportunities to book and spin there and the staff treat you like family. I’m usually there on a Tuesday or Thursday for the local live music and they usually have a good line-up. Some other joints I like are Alex’s Bar (Long Beach), The Copper Door (Santa Ana), The Avalon (Costa Mesa), Redwood Bar (LA) and The Continental Room (Fullerton).


In action at Proof Bar. Photo by Pierce 42 Photography.

t♥a: How did you get into booking bands?

J: I started booking at Proof Bar (Santa Ana) for The Project Wednesdays with my other half, DJ Master Droog. Proof has always been booking bands and never will stop — I just picked it up where it left off and took it a different direction. We will be hitting our two year anniversary in March! I started out booking friends in bands, which grew to becoming mutual friends with other friends — it really is a whole chain reaction. I have a learned a lot and have had so much fun doing it. I am so lucky to have worked with so many up-and-coming bands!


Halloween 2010 at Proof Bar

t♥a: What do you love about bartending? What do you hate about it?

J: I love meeting the different personalities that people are before and after they’ve had a few drinks. Some of the conversations I get stuck in are always amusing and I love telling stories and getting to relive old crazy memories. It’s nice when it’s slow sometimes cause I get to kick back with a brew and just talk someone’s ear off cause that’s what they came in for. There’s also a rush I get when I work busy nights. I don’t think I really can say I hate anything about bartending. Sure, it can be frustrating sometimes but they make for some great stories.


Proof Bar Wizardry

t♥a: Why do you stick to a vinyl-only format? Sometimes I meet people who don’t get it.

J: I guess one would have to be a record collector to fully understand. People who collect records have a certain connection to each album. They can tell you where they bought it, how much it was, and how they have been looking for that album forever. The quality sound of vinyl vs mp3 is so different – well, at least for the genre of music I spin. I stick to an all vinyl format because I prefer that raw sound. I like flipping through crates to search for what to play next. I may be limited to what genre or songs I have but that’s what’s fun about it! I one time spun a 5 hour set at South Coast Plaza — I definitely didn’t know I was going to spin that long and didn’t bring that many records with me but I still managed. I also enjoy watching others who spin records. I’m always impressed with what albums other DJs own.


Polyester and Master Droog

t♥a: Will you reveal some of your favorite shops for vintage clothing? Favorite record stores?

J: I like to shop 4th Street in Long Beach for vintage. A lot of my favorite vintage tops came from Buffalo Exchange though. You got first dibs if you worked there — it was so dangerous for my bank account. I love to shop Burger Records (Fullerton) for psych and garage. Some other record stores I frequent are Fingerprints (Long Beach), Mass Media Records (Santa Ana), and Amoeba. There are so many record stores popping up and so many I still need to fall in love with.

Thank you, Jeanette! ♥ tracey

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DTSA Critters: Eloise


Pretty lady Eloise.

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DTSA Critters: J



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DTSA Critters: Onyx


One content kitty.

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Employee of the Month: Stephanie Q. from The Crosby

Welcome to the first installment of “Employee of the Month,” where I interview employees of some of my favorite Downtown Santa Ana businesses. September’s Employee of the Month is Stephanie Q, a server at The Crosby, 400 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701; (714) 543-3543.


t♥a: What are your favorite establishments, events, & eats in Orange County and beyond?

SQ: I spend a lot of my free time in Costa Mesa. I love the eclectic vibe. I love to eat at Avanti Cafe, catch a $4 movie at Triangle Square on Tuesdays or get lost at The Lab. I also love to spend time in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles.

Steph and Mr. Choc

Steph and Mr. Choc

t♥a: What’s your favorite part of working at The Crosby? Favorite Crosby club nights?

SQ: I work with an amazing group of people who are all very talented. I feel inspired every day I go to work. I have two favorite nights: “Shift” (1st Thursday of the month) by Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies crew) and Plann B; they play a fun mix of late 80’s hip-hop & classic break beats. Every month they bring a special guest – I.E. Mr. Choc (Fantastic Four/Beat Junkies), BoBo (Cypress Hill) & J-Live. And “Yukon Can Do It!” (4th Friday of the month) by kILL wILL, Tea Long, and Fluent1; they play a fun mix of current hip-hop (2 Chains & ASAP) mixed with heavy bass creating the perfect vibe for a Friday night.


t♥a: What music have you been listening to recently? What are some all-time and local faves?

SQ: I’m a huge music geek. I grew up listening to hip-hop. My palette has grown thanks to listening to KCRW. I’m currently playing Free the Robots, Soia, ASAP Rocky, SonnyMoon, Anthony Valadez, the Specials, ONRA, the Grouch & Zion I…         I really enjoy catching live shows. I found some time to go to Rock the Bells to catch Nas‘ set; loving his new album. When I have to get my dance on I hit up the Dub Club (every Wednesday) at the Echoplex for a healthy dose of dub & roots.

Purple! <3

Purple! ❤

t♥a: What are your favorite Crosby menu items, current or past? I miss the Orange Tomato dish! [Tomato given the Orange Chicken treatment.]

SQ: Just like you, I miss the Orange Tomatoes. Our menu is seasonal which gives chef Aron & his crew creative freedom to create new dishes for us to fall in love with. My currently obsession is the newly updated vegan flatbread: caramelized onion jam, arugula, cherry tomatoes, garnished with house-made potato chips!

Double Weezy

Double Weezy

t♥a: How long have you had your lovely dreads and do you foresee having them for a long time?

SQ: My dread locks are 11 years old; I have no plan of cutting them any time soon.

t♥a: Do you have a preferred tattoo shop/tattoo artist in OC?

SQ: My tattoo artist is Mr. Aaron Cox. He is currently working at American Vintage Tattoo, 632 E. Katella Ave, Orange, CA. (714) 501-6743.

The Om Symbol - ॐ

The Om Symbol – ॐ

Thanks, Steph!

♥ tracey

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DTSA Critters: Osirus the Ball Python


Say hello to my little friend.

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