Model Moment: Gil Elvgren’s Reference Photos

"The Right Touch"

“The Right Touch,” 1958.
I love that she’s seated on a drawing horse!

Model and "The Right Touch"

Model and “The Right Touch”

Now that I’m back in the blogging saddle, please allow me to introduce a new feature on my blog: “Model Moment. As of July of last year, I have embarked on a new career path as a fine art figure model. I am having a blast & learning news things, and unlike my former career as a curator/gallerist, I am actually making money. *What a concept!*

Stay posted for more Model Moments, including images of artwork made from my poses, random thoughts from the model stand, posts highlighting various inspirations for posing and mucho más. Now onto the post!

A great post on the legendary (if not slightly lecherous) Gil Elvgren with the photos he took for reference side-by-side with his paintings:

More comparisions:

"Inside Story (Overexposure)"

Janet Rae models for “Inside Story (Overexposure),” 1959.
I dig that she’s seated on a drawing horse while posing but not in the painting!

"Taking a Chance (No Bikini A toll)"

Janet Rae models for “Taking a Chance (No Bikini A toll),” 1962.


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