INTERVIEW // December Employee of the Month: James from The Yost Theater

December ‘s employee of the month is James, VIP Host and Bottle Service manager at The Yost Theater. Happy Holidays, everyone!


t♥a: How did you get into the nightlife industry?

J: I walked up to Dave Leon (Co-owner of The Yost Theater and VLVT Lounge) one night at a club and told him that I was ready to work and willing to do anything. After a string of low paying and mildly humiliating jobs, which included but were not limited to spinning a sign outside of a Western Dental and dressing up as a giant tooth for a children’s event, I started working at The Yost. I started off as an inventory taker and did as much heavy lifting as I possibly could. After a few moves and shakes with our staff, I found myself as the VIP host and Bottle Service Manager.

t♥a: What exactly does your role at The Yost entail?

J: During events I check in all of our guests with reservations for Bottle Service, work with our waitresses and promoters to fill any open tables we may have, make sure our VIPs are very well taken care of and mingle with the crowd. I want to make people feel welcome, and like they have a friend at The Yost even if they came alone. It’s great to be able to be able to add my own personal touch to our guests experience, and I try to be on a first and last name basis with as many people as I can.


James and Bottle Server Tracy

t♥a: Do you have a daytime job as well?

J: My position requires that I answer phone calls 24/7 for bottle service, no matter what time the call comes in. Depending on the popularity of a show, I can easily spend my entire day on the telephone. This is the time when I explain what our venue has to offer, answer any questions and most importantly sell tables. We also send out over 400 birthday invitations a month for our Facebook friends offering complimentary entry and champagne, all of whom call me to confirm their reservations. I also have clerical duties, like managing our Venuedriver account, handling promoter payouts and scheduling and hiring bottle service waitresses.

t♥a: What are your favorite types of nights at The Yost?

J: I love huge headliner DJ nights that bring out everyone I know. My favorite part of the scene has always been the people, so if we bring in an artist that 1200 people are stoked to see, I’m stoked too. Even though the prep work can be overwhelming, and there are times when 8 people are all trying to talk to me at the same time, I look around at all my friends and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.


“I wouldn’t ask anyone on my team to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself….including wearing that outfit.”

t♥a: What is your favorite part of your job?

J:  I love dancing so the fact that I can start busting a move at any time and it is appropriate for the situation is a definite plus. I also find intoxicated women to be hilarious, and we have plenty of those. My favorite part, however, is everyone constantly complimenting my mustache.

t♥a: Least favorite?

J: Dealing with the people who, after consuming their alcohol, make bonehead decisions like running out on their tab or who stay and fight because they don’t want to pay their bill. I let people know exactly what their bill will be before they are sat, so its frustrating that the very product I am selling encourages these behaviors. Thankfully I have a lot of personal experience dealing drunken shenanigans so I haven’t come across anything I couldn’t handle so far.


t♥a: What’s your drink of choice?

J: I love Jagermeister. Jager and Root, Jager Bombs, straight up… it doesn’t matter. If I am actually holding onto a drink for longer than it takes to pound it, its probably a vodka Redbull.

t♥a: What do you do for fun outside of wrangling drunks and protecting/assaulting egos?

J: I write songs and rap, and I play a lot of video games. I’m a super nerd, have an ever expanding collection of comic books and action figures, and could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. None of those things are very social, but my job fulfills a lot of my social needs.

Thanks, James! ♥ tracey


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