Employee of the Month: Stephanie Q. from The Crosby

Welcome to the first installment of “Employee of the Month,” where I interview employees of some of my favorite Downtown Santa Ana businesses. September’s Employee of the Month is Stephanie Q, a server at The Crosby, 400 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701; (714) 543-3543.


t♥a: What are your favorite establishments, events, & eats in Orange County and beyond?

SQ: I spend a lot of my free time in Costa Mesa. I love the eclectic vibe. I love to eat at Avanti Cafe, catch a $4 movie at Triangle Square on Tuesdays or get lost at The Lab. I also love to spend time in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles.

Steph and Mr. Choc

Steph and Mr. Choc

t♥a: What’s your favorite part of working at The Crosby? Favorite Crosby club nights?

SQ: I work with an amazing group of people who are all very talented. I feel inspired every day I go to work. I have two favorite nights: “Shift” (1st Thursday of the month) by Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies crew) and Plann B; they play a fun mix of late 80’s hip-hop & classic break beats. Every month they bring a special guest – I.E. Mr. Choc (Fantastic Four/Beat Junkies), BoBo (Cypress Hill) & J-Live. And “Yukon Can Do It!” (4th Friday of the month) by kILL wILL, Tea Long, and Fluent1; they play a fun mix of current hip-hop (2 Chains & ASAP) mixed with heavy bass creating the perfect vibe for a Friday night.


t♥a: What music have you been listening to recently? What are some all-time and local faves?

SQ: I’m a huge music geek. I grew up listening to hip-hop. My palette has grown thanks to listening to KCRW. I’m currently playing Free the Robots, Soia, ASAP Rocky, SonnyMoon, Anthony Valadez, the Specials, ONRA, the Grouch & Zion I…         I really enjoy catching live shows. I found some time to go to Rock the Bells to catch Nas‘ set; loving his new album. When I have to get my dance on I hit up the Dub Club (every Wednesday) at the Echoplex for a healthy dose of dub & roots.

Purple! <3

Purple! ❤

t♥a: What are your favorite Crosby menu items, current or past? I miss the Orange Tomato dish! [Tomato given the Orange Chicken treatment.]

SQ: Just like you, I miss the Orange Tomatoes. Our menu is seasonal which gives chef Aron & his crew creative freedom to create new dishes for us to fall in love with. My currently obsession is the newly updated vegan flatbread: caramelized onion jam, arugula, cherry tomatoes, garnished with house-made potato chips!

Double Weezy

Double Weezy

t♥a: How long have you had your lovely dreads and do you foresee having them for a long time?

SQ: My dread locks are 11 years old; I have no plan of cutting them any time soon.

t♥a: Do you have a preferred tattoo shop/tattoo artist in OC?

SQ: My tattoo artist is Mr. Aaron Cox. He is currently working at American Vintage Tattoo, 632 E. Katella Ave, Orange, CA. (714) 501-6743.

The Om Symbol - ॐ

The Om Symbol – ॐ

Thanks, Steph!

♥ tracey


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2 Responses to Employee of the Month: Stephanie Q. from The Crosby

  1. Steve Allen says:

    Hell I could have told you Steph was Employee of the Month/Year/Lifetime years ago when she worked for me. After I had mentally checked out of my own business she kept jamming along. Way to go Stephanie!!

  2. Jamie says:

    There is something about her that totally reminds me Of Eliza Dushku! Aka naughty faith from Buffy the vampire slayer

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